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Carbon fiber twill cloth - 1270mm wide

Carbon fiber twill cloth - 1270mm wide

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2x2 Twill carbon fiber (CF) provides a great 3D appearance and is more drapable than plain fabric, but also more pliable for molding and shaping complex shapes. Commonly used in car and hobby parts. 2x2 twill weave is a two over two under weave pattern. This cloth is not made in China.

1m to 110m
200g/m (7oz)
.25mm (.00984")
How much epoxy resin will I need?
To completely wet out 1m (1m x 1m) of carbon fiber cloth you will require about 230 to 270g (230-270ml) of mixed epoxy resin. E.g. If you were to make a carbon fiber sheet 1m with a thickness of 1mm to 1.25mm you would use four layers of 200g carbon fiber and a total of 810g to 980g of resin. The rest of the resin is used up by the brushes, cups and other consumables. Please note this is only a rough guide and the volume of resin used is totally dependant on the techniques used (vacuum bagging, wet lay-up, press set, etc).
What will I receive and how will it be packaged?
You will receive a perfect piece of the above carbon fiber cloth in your specified quantity/length X 1270mm width on a cardboard roll inside a protective tube. We never fold our CF cloth. All orders are sent via your specified Australia Post service. 





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