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West 411 Microsphere blend - 4 Litre

West 411 Microsphere blend - 4 Litre




411 Microsphere Blend is a low density filler which cures to a lightweight filling putty with excellent filleting characteristics. 411 Microsphere Blend is also used as a low density adhesive for edge gluing in strip plank construction.

Info about adhesive and fairing fillers

Fillers help expand epoxy's versatility by altering its consistency for specific applications.  Each filler possesses a unique set of physical characteristics, but they can be generally categorised as either Adhesive (high density) or Fairing (low density).

Adhesive filler mixtures cure to a strong, hard-to-sand plastic suitable for structural applications like bonding, filleting and hardware bonding.

Fairing filler mixtures cure to a light, easily sandable material that is generally used for cosmetic or surface applications like shaping, filling and fairing.

By adjusting the amount and type of filler, the user can tailor the consistency of a batch to suit a particular job.

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