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Carbon fiber tow - 12K x 120m long

Carbon fiber tow - 12K x 120m long

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Carbon fiber tow - 12K x 120 metres long

Carbon fibre tows are good for areas requiring strength in only one direction, or it can be overlapped to achieve a high strength binding.

For smaller jobs simply bind the items together and apply CA glue (Super Glue) for a strong fast result. Or for the highest possible strength wet out the tow with epoxy, roll it back onto a cardboard tube, wrap or bind your joint with the wet tow then compress the job with cling wrap. Prick the cling wrap all over with a pin to allow excess resin to be released. Remove the cling wrap once the resin has cured. This process will provide the best resin to fiber ratio for an extremely high strength binding or part.

Standard modulus carbon fibers typically exhibit a fiber modulus of 33-34 msi, or slightly higher. These are the most cost-effective fibers as measured by tensile strength or modulus per unit cost. Toray's T300 standard modulus carbon fibers are a recognized industry standard, having been in production for over 30 years. Standard modulus carbon fibers are available in tow sizes from 1K to 24K.

Fiber type T300
Filaments 12000 (12K)
Tensile strength (MPa) 3530
Tensile Modulus (Gpa)
Elongation (%)
Density (g/cm3)

How much epoxy resin will I need?
To completely wet out 1mē (1m x 1m) of carbon fiber cloth you will require about 230 to 270g (230-270ml) of mixed epoxy resin. E.g. If you were to make a carbon fiber sheet 1mē with a thickness of 1mm to 1.25mm you would use three layers of 200g carbon fiber and a total of 690 to 810g of resin. Please note this is only a rough guide and the volume of resin used is totally dependant on the techniques used (vacuum bagging, wet lay-up, press set, etc).
What will I receive and how will it be packaged?
You will receive a 13cm long cardboard bobben with your specified type and length of CF tow. All orders are sent via your specified Australia Post service.

6K and 12K Carbon fiber tow

12K Carbon fiber tow


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