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Aramid tow - 60m long

Aramid tow - 60m long




Aramid tow - 60 metres long

Para Aramid, often referred to as Kevlar is a very high strength fiber with great abrasion resistance. It is regarded as being 5 times stronger than steel on an equal weight basis.
The real difference between carbon fibre and Aramid is the durability of the fibers when tensioned over sharp or geometric shapes. Unlike carbon fiber, Aramid tow can be repeatedly flexed, twisted and pulled when applied over almost any shape without the individual fibers being compromised. This is why Aramid can be used to make ropes and carbon fiber can not.
Aramid composites are not as brittle as carbon fiber so they tend not to shatter or splinter. Often it is combined with carbon to prevent catastrophic failure (prevents stuff from snapping in half).
Perfect for high wear and abrasion areas on sporting equipment, radio controlled planes, boats etc. Or for an extremely strong binding or covering over sharp corners and shapes.

For smaller jobs simply bind the items together and apply CA glue (Super Glue) for a strong fast result. Or for the highest possible strength wet out the tow with epoxy, roll it back onto a cardboard tube, wrap or bind your joint with the wet tow then compress the job with cling wrap. Prick the cling wrap all over with a pin to allow excess resin to be released. Remove the cling wrap once the resin has cured. This process will provide the best resin to fiber ratio for an extremely high strength binding or part.

Fiber type Teijin, Twaron 2200
Filament size (dtex) 4830 (3000 filaments)
Tensile strength (MPa) 3600
Tensile Modulus (Gpa)
Elongation at break (%)
Density (g/cm3)
What will I receive and how will it be packaged?
You will receive a 15cm long cardboard bobben with your specified type and length of Aramid tow. All orders are sent via your specified Australia Post service.

6K and 12K Carbon fiber tow

12K Carbon fiber tow


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